This song was Thanos's way of paying homage to 2 of the greatest spitters and influences of all time in Hip-Hop, Nas and Kool G Rap.


Bundle of 62, sitting on a triple beam, trying to live the dream, niggas investing in different schemes, my chicken green, I'm in between no sipping lean, true and living king, big stones rocking magician rings, serving a list of fiends, anything to get the cream, pitching things, ain't no 9 to 5 when you getting screened, my blood stream carry strains of marijuana, my persona been kinda calmer your honor word to mama meditating through the horrors, begging for a tomorrow, knowing our time is borrowed but still projecting our sorrows I'm living as if there are no, rules for a nigga cutting open a Cubano, drinking more than a wino, like its the only way i know, bright as Verrazano in the middle of the night puffin L's playing piano, i get a lazy eye and resemble L Luciano in the days of prohibition when niggas was moving bottles, got rid of one demon that was eating at my flaws, now there's 7 more kicking at my door, helping me lord, I'm a sinner.

DJ Ease Scratches: "Help me lord"

I got rid of one demon that was eating at my flaws, now there's 7 more kicking down my doors, helping me lord, I'm a sinner, a project nigga who wasn't taught right, my Pineal is a fog light, when I'm off sight, 365 days of the soft white, looking like a lost life, til i got my thoughts right, time is ticking, the block is clicking, no pot to piss in, my opposition, is cops and snitches, when in my position, no time to listen to anything but the money its cold and my nose runny, so high that i flow funny, on the corner, rolling up in plain sight, big clouds move with the wind, breathing it in like i hate life, got niggas right now on the run with 3 strikes, pushing fast balls while the task force on the green light, go to sleep having nightmares cause i don't dream right, everything i witnessed today, i gotta see twice, writing with a beast like attitude, brother of the avenue, ain't no telling what your man will do I'm such an animal, passion and talent as a collateral, spelling my name in capitals, timberland boots in the same color as apple juice, rolling with a pack of troops, aiming for a stack of loot, disrespect, i ain't gotta ask to shoot, they just pull it out and start to blast at you, only recognizing half of you after the gats are through i don't move with a passive crew, 603, Brother Hood, LXG, yeah you know me.

DJ Ease Scratches: "yeah you know me" x "Fast Life song from Kool G Rap & Nas"


from Thanos - Infernal Region, released May 14, 2016
Produced by Delvecchio of Monster Muzik
All lyrics written and performed by Thanos
Scratches and cuts by DJ Ease



all rights reserved